Star Vikings – German Translation

Star Vikings Forever by Rogue Snail is a Puzzle/RPG developed by the award-winning creators of Chroma Squad, Dungeonland, and Relic Hunters Zero. The extended version was now published by Akupara Games (well-known for Whispering Willows) with new features – including a German translation! 😉

“In Star Vikings Forever you will build your team of spacefaring Vikings to take on the evil scourge of intergalactic snails in a fun and nearly endless stream of challenging puzzles.”

Build Your Strategy. Squash Space Snails. Be a Star Viking. Discover the game now on Steam, iOS or Android! There is also a free Demo.

Star Vikings Forever on Steam

Star Vikings Forever for iOS

Star Vikings Forever for Android


ZU – German Translation

ZU is a RPG with a few puzzle elements by Victor Moura (Cronus). It was originally developed in 30 days for the event “Make a Game, Win a Game” in the beginning of 2013. This event was inspired by the “RPG Maker VX Ace Lite Cook Off”, meaning the game was originally made on RPG Maker VX Ace Lite and following the correspondent limitations.


“Allan is a young man that, after encountering a mysterious entity called Zu, submitted himself to explore his world, willing to fulfill a personal objective. In this new world formed by memories that seems to be a merging of dreams and nightmares, Allan must find his way by exploring hostile lands and interacting with odd and bizarre beings.”


  • Spiritual Evolution

A Skill Tree accessible through the main menu, where it is possible to learn 12 different abilities divided on the categories Astral (AP) and Energetic (EP).

  • Lyre of Lament

A tool used to open sealed passageways and interact with the ambient through marks on the floor. To use the Lyre (when available) you must press the S Key. To play it use the Directional and Z keys.

  • Alchemy

A method to obtain items that aren’t easily found. On the Alchemy (or crafting) you use special items of the category “Ingredients”, which when combined results in more powerful and efficient items. Ingredients are obtained through chests or defeating enemies.


Vampires Dawn: The Crimson Realm

Vampires Dawn: The Crimson Realm

Something for RPG fans this time. In Germany well-known and hopefully soon international; a new title of the Vampires Dawn series by Marlex. Vampires Dawn: Reign of Blood and Vampires Dawn II: Ancient Blood were only released in German, but the game for mobiles Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Heretics (short: DoH) was released in English as well. Vampires Dawn: The Crimson Realm (short: TCR) is not yet released but it is supposed to bring the story of the mobile game to an end and link it to Vampires Dawn: Reign of Blood. The game will be released in German and English.

DoH was about the vampire Vince Neras, who had to face the vampire hunter Vincent Weynard and his priestess Ayrene Molana Trevos in the Holy Crusade. He got active support from both of his skeleton servants Romus and Manok, as well as from the only recent changed Lara Vynus. TCR will finalize this story and will partly run parallel to the story of the first game Reign of Blood. You can look forward to a reunion with old friends but also new characters. TCR will be told from different perspectives, which are supposed to cast a different light on the events. Of course, there are a lot of spells, secrets, and monsters, as becomes a good RPG.

For all those who got confused with all these titles; this is the chronological order of the storyline:
Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Heretics (2007)
Vampires Dawn: The Crimson Realm (TBA)
Vampires Dawn: Reign of Blood (2001)
Vampires Dawn II: Ancient Blood (2005)

Vampires Dawn: The Crimson Realm is supposed to be the first commercial title of the series and will be funded with Crowdfunding. Therefore, to realize this project the team will raise money until February 28, 2013. The first screenshots and pieces of music are promising and Vampires Dawn stands for quality since 2001 in the matter of story and technique. After the hopefully successful Crowdfunding project, we can look forward to a new vampire adventure soon. More information and how you can help with the project under: