Welcome! Here I offer my services as a translator for video games. So far I’ve completed over 100 official translations of adventure games, dating sims, visual novels, and other video game genres; that’s a total of several hundred thousand words.

Of course I also translate novels, websites, film subtitles, or any other kind of text. Just send me an e-mail and we’ll discuss the details.

Offers and prices

  • Complete localization (EN-DE, DE-EN) of the video game; images can also be modified under certain circumstances
  • Free translation of promotional material, e.g. Steam description texts, achievements and/or related websites
  • Free test run; I play the game completely in German and make adjustments if necessary
  • Any genre; especially adventure games and visual novels, no matter if horror, romance, science fiction, or fantasy
  • Any text length; I’ve already translated games with 100 words and games with up to 350,000 words
  • Price per word on request by e-mail, flexible payment and discounts for indie developers possible


Here is a small selection from my portfolio. A complete list of all video game translations can be found here: List of all translations