Raven Death – Died in the Moonlight

PlaceholderTitle: Raven Death – Died in the Moonlight
Genre: Horror, fantasy, historical novel
Release: April 16, 2018
Format: eBook
Word count: ~ 20,000
German, English
Price: $ 1.99

“As if one wasn’t enough: Raven beings are flooding the Salem of the 21st century and it’s all Abigail’s fault. She has unintentionally created an army that is more vicious than anything she and Corvus have ever experienced. A centuries-old war has flared up again, but not only witches and Inquisitors are going into battle, but also the overwhelming ravens. Between rubble and dust, personal tragedies and heartache come at a rather inconvenient time. But how do you avert such a catastrophe? And who will end up paying the price?”

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  1. This episode has been the hardest for me to write so far.
  2. From this episode on, it becomes more obvious what the grand finale amounts to. Who can guess?
  3. A new character now plays a bigger role. He is also based on a historical person from the Salem witch trials.
  4. The cover was again designed by Torsten Sohrmann; from now on he also designs book covers under the name Buchgewand.

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