Raven Paradox – Whom The Bell Tolls

Title: Raven Paradox – Whom The Bell Tolls
Genre: Horror, fantasy, historical novel
Release: April 19, 2018
Format: eBook
Word count: ~ 16,000
Languages: German, English
Price: $ 1.99

“Abigail Willows and Corvus Raven have had to face quite a number of dangers so far. After all, Abigail almost got burned, poisoned, stabbed, hanged, or dismembered. Nonetheless, she seems unstoppable, much to the sorrow of the first witch. But now evil strikes its final blow. The first of all witches has never been more powerful and the friends realize one thing: They cannot win. At least not without Abigail sacrificing herself. Is she willing to make a sacrifice for the good of humanity? Abigail has a plan, but she has to give up a lot and go back to the beginning. Therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls. Because it tolls for thee!”

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  1. The raven paradox (also called Hempel’s paradox) is a problem of epistemology, named after the philosopher Carl Gustav Hempel. The paradox is a perfect metaphor for Abigail’s problems.
  2. The subtitle refers to Ernest Hemingway’s novel.
  3. The series will be concluded with this volume and I’ve been thinking long and hard about whether the Raven-Saga should end with a happy ending or not. You can find out the answer in the book! 😉
  4. The cover, like the others in the series, has been designed by Buchgewand.

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