Raven Tears – Lost by Midnight

Raven TearsTitle: Raven Tears – Lost by Midnight
Genre: Horror, fantasy, historical novel
Release: November 19, 2014
Format: eBook
Word count: ~ 16,000
Languages: German, English
Price: $ 1.99

“The young witch and former time traveler Abigail Willows finished high school and now the college stress is knocking at her door. However, that is not her only problem. Her feathered friend Corvus Raven is unable to go out into daylight and to crown it all he lost control over his human form. Abigail learns about the scale of her witch powers and that way hurls herself into one disaster after another. What does her mysterious mother have to do with all of this? And will she be able to save herself and those few people she loves in time?”

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  1. By popular demand, the second episode is longer. You can expect more insight into Abigail’s feelings and more detailed descriptions of locations. However, the series remains to be a short novel series.
  2. The character of Jeremiah was inspired by a real existing singer. I will not tell who it is, but if the series is ever to be adapted into a movie I won’t settle for anyone else but him in this role.
  3. The first installment was less scary, but the second episode has more horror elements, although less historical elements. In the upcoming episodes, you can expect more of both; also in combination.
  4. The cover was again designed by Torsten Sohrmann, who is willing to help other authors with cover design, too.

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