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In an interview with, I talk about my work as a video game translator, give insights into my everyday life, and explain what localization is all about. Feel free to take a look!

Videospiellokalisierung – Lost in Translation

Many thanks to and Nadine Emmerich for the opportunity! With friendly permission, I may also provide you with an English translation of the article.

English Translation

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Christmas Greetings and 2015 Prospects

The Silver Fox wishes you a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas! I wish all of my readers, players, friends and relatives Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Now is the time to recall the bygone year and prospect the new one. Many things did happen, but unfortunately, many things did not. Legend of the Silver Fox is far from being finished, but here’s to hope it’ll see the light of day in 2015! Also, many translations are still not released, which personally annoys me; not only because of the lost time, but also because I know that many visual novel fans wait for those games. 🙁

But enough of the negative stuff!


My eBook series, the Raven-Saga, started and it is selling better than I expected. Thanks to everyone who supports the series. I publish the book series on my own and that’s why I’m even happier that it was a successful start. By the way, you can get the first book on Amazon for free over Christmas; just click here and download it. You can expect the remaining episodes in 2015 and … even more! I cannot tell exactly what just now. 😉 Furthermore, two of my short stories got released in anthologies (German only, though); „Eins mit der Natur“ in Eine Feder für Wölfe (published by Swantje Berndt and released in the Weltenschmiede Verlag) and „Monster“ in Bunte Augenblicke (published by the Autorentreff Bad Camberg and released in the Verlag Edition Winterwork). Moreover, there are great new book projects coming for me to edit next year; among other things an adaption of a well-known, German video game. I’m really looking forward to it!

TranslationsWhispering Willows
Concerning upcoming game translations, it’s also going well. Since a few months, I’m part of the localization group MoonCreative; we localize video games for various gaming systems into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Polish and more. That means I get to translate many more well-known games into German like Whispering Willows. But of course in my free time I’ll keep doing translations for visual novels; regardless of whether they are free or commercial. Though, please note that (also partly because of my indignation about the unreleased translations) those works, which I get paid for, take priority. I have to pay my bills as well. Even more video game news? Yes! However, like always I’m not allowed to reveal much. As a matter of fact, some of my translations will be released on Steam, iOS, Android, and PlayStation in 2015. As always I’ll announce  all new infos on here and on Facebook as soon as I can tell you more.

CoverMy own video games
To Kill A Black Swan was released this year and even though it did not get the same resonance as This Is Where I Want To Die did, feedback was mostly positive. For 2015, I intend to release the last Sleepless Night. Part 3 will be darker, longer, and combines elements from both its predecessors. Furthermore, all open questions will be answered. Legend of the Silver Fox will hopefully be finished and a new visual novel should make enough progress so I can present it to you. What’s more, I’m also working on a RPG, which I hinted at here and there. 😉

That’s it from me for this year! I was able to work with great authors, translators, and developers in 2014, and all things considered it was a good year. I’m looking forward to read from you; how was your year, do you have good resolutions for the new one?



Nuss-Zealand.deSome of you may know it already, some may not. In mid-September I will be traveling to New Zealand for one year!

Together with Torsten Sohrmann, my loyal companion in private and professional life (some of you know him; he helped editing some images for German translations and with other design stuff), I’m doing a so-called working holiday. We will be traveling a lot, working, and certainly we will make great new experiences.

What does that mean for my games, translations, etc.: nothing. Or rather, practically nothing. I will keep maintaining this website and all of my announced games and translations will be released eventually. To be honest, lately things even work out better than I thought (more on that in the next weeks)!

Now to the essence of this announcement: I don’t want to spam those people who do not want to know anything about my personal life or about my travel to New Zealand. You will only find news about my books, translations, and other projects here. Thus, we created an extra personal travel blog: Nuss-Zealand. So if you want to read something personal from me for a change, you can expect nice pictures of the landscape, insisting into the culture, and cute videos of kiwis! 😀

Travel blog

P.S.: The travel blog is in German only for the time being. I might translate it some time. Also, the name “Nuss-Zealand” is kind of an inside joke (“Nuss” is the German word for nut, like, the thing you can eat), and you cannot really explain it in English without it becoming awkward. 😀

Merry Christmas 2013


Christmas WishesI wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! So much happened in 2013, and I’m already looking forward to the upcoming year.

What awaits you in 2014?
Many new translations will be releMirandasChoiceased next year. Five games are already translated and I guess the releases won’t be far away now. Many of you are looking forward to my fist otome visual novel Legend of the Silver Fox. We made a lot of progress here! The story, the art, the music and the opening song everything comes together, and soon I’ll be able to put everything into the script.

Furthermore, I want to release my new fantasy novel Depths of Forever (German). The script is almost done, and it won’t be long until I can take care of all the other things that are needed for a book publication. In 2014, some (German) stories will be published, which I edited for the Weltenschmiede Publishing House. I’ll give you more Information once I know more about the projects.


Webcomic EndSome of you may have noticed that the weekly webcomic on my Facebook page is not updated anymore. I released 30 comics since October 2012. However, it didn’t seem to be very popular. There may be various reasons for that (for example the lack of art -> repetitive backgrounds, sprites, etc.) and instead of just continue the series, I thought it would be best to cancel it and concentrate on my other projects, which people seem to like more.

Sorry if you’re one of the few people who actually liked the comic! I have some new projects in the works, though. Stay tuned!

True Meduza

True Meduza

Today I want to present a project from my dear colleague Torsten Sohrmann:

True Meduza is a little fashion label from the beautiful city of Dresden and was founded in 2012. We specialized in T-shirts and accessories and soon you will find even more T-shirt designs here. Have a look around!

In Greek mythology Medusa is a dreadful monster and often associated with a hideous face of a human woman. The living, venomous snakes on her head are so gruesome that a mere look at her face turns you into stone. True Meduza is a fashion label, which identifies with the extraordinary. It is a reinterpretation of Medusa, which lives up to her old Terror, but at the same time combining it with the Beautiful and the Sublime. Poison spitting yet delicious. Mythological yet new. Dare to take a look at the true face of Meduza!”

There are already some T-shirts, beanies, and bags in the official shop. You will also get an 15% inaugural discount until June, 5. Do not hesitate to stop by.




Since I frequently get questions about how to install a certain visual novel, or when a new game will be released, I set up a special page, which is supposed to answer the most frequent questions: Help.

Furthermore, you can look forward to a new free visual novel translation in German, which will be released in a couple of days: a2 ~a due~. Plus, I translated another commercial visual novel/simulation, which will also be released soon; which one this is remains a secret, though. 😉

About Visual Novels, Translations and other matters

There are not many news at the moment, which is especially due to my upcoming exams. University first, I guess. Nonetheless, I want to make some announcements and tell you what’s new. First of all, I have to say I was wrong about the month concerning NaNoRenO. Of course, it starts in March, which means I’ll only start working on This Is Where I Want To Die next month. I’m really looking forward to it because I have many good ideas that I’d like to implement. Sleepless Night 2 makes slow progress; although it’s doubtful if I’ll manage to release it in April. Maybe May, after all. And last but not least: Legend of the Silver Fox, here we have progress particularly in the graphical area. The sprites slowly take shape and they look great so far. Moreover, there’s going to be a more professional logo, which I’ll show you as soon as I get it. Lately, I didn’t have much time to write but a release this year is still planned.

Furthermore, I’m hard-working on translations. This weekend I finally want to finish with Summer Found Me. After that I’ll continue work on the commercial visual novel Blue Rose by White Cat, more about this VN in the next days.

Witch Spell
However, there is a release today. Thanks to Witch Spell is now available in German for Android. You can download the visual novel here:
Witch Spell Android-Version
Witch Spell PC-Version