Football Game – German Translation

Football Game by Cloak and Dagger Games is a short point-and-click thriller with an award-winning soundtrack by JUPITER-C. The game was ported by Ratalaika Games and is now available in German for Windows, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


“East Bend, Purchase County. 1987.
You are Tommy, a local high school football hero in the town of East Bend. It’s game night for the Purchase County Turbines and your sweetheart is waiting in the bleachers. However, something is amiss… Join Tommy for a night you won’t forget!”


Football Game in the PlayStation Store

Football Game for Xbox One

Football Game for Nintendo Switch

2 thoughts on “Football Game – German Translation

  1. Aurelia Avalon says:

    This is unrelated but hello Marcel Weyers! Are you still ever going to complete Sleepless Night 3? I remember playing Sleepless Night 1&2 a lot when i was a kid. Roughly 6 years later and if you’re still active in what you do, i’d like to ask if you’ll ever continue and finish the series?

    • Marcel Weyers says:

      Hi! Thank you so much for your continued interest in the Sleepless Night series! I still plan on finishing it some day, but it’s not a priority for me. I have written quite a lot already and I won’t abandon it. However, developing these games are just a hobby and I always have a lot of work, so I’m not sure when I can get around to finish it!

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