German Review for February & News

I uploaded the visual novel recommendation for February  to the German site; Train of Afterlife! Here is the review: Train of Afterlife

The visual novel will also be available in German soon, to be exact on February 13, 2012 if all goes well.

Furthermore, I have a big announcement: I am currently working on a secret project, a visual novel that I want to publish this year. Here are first information about the project: Secret project

Those who played my first visual novel, Soulmates, may already now that I don’t have problems with creating music or writing the script, however, I could use some help with the graphical stuff, so those who are talented drawers, preferably  manga style, can write me an email.

One last thing, speaking of Soulmates, I found a really talented illustrator who is redrawing the characters for my game. The highly gifted artist is NoodleBrains. That means that there will be a new version of Soulmates with revised  characters, music, and other surprises. Here is a preview:

Haru Chikamatsu













Footnote: My new website supports comments. I would be happy if you would leave your opinions here now and then 😉

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