Legend of the Silver Fox – Characters #2

It’s time for the second character of Legend of the Silver Fox! Jack is a main character and the best friend of Elenor.


Name: Jack Bailey
Age: 15
Birthday: August 5
Location: Dairy
Height: 1.67 m
Weight: 53 kg
Likes: Traveling, Elenor
Dislikes: Awkward situations, being lied to

Jack lives at the dairy and helps out his mom whenever he can. He is very hard-working and wants to travel around the world someday. On the other hand, he would miss Elenor since she has been his best friend since childhood. He knows that she is obsessed with the idea of finding the Silver Fox, but Jack wants to persuade her to get over it and find something else to do. He wants her to become reasonable and have appropriate goals in life. Once Leon shows up, Jack knows that there is a possibility he could lose Elenor forever

Jack can be shy sometimes and he often doesn’t speak up his mind. Although Elenor wants him to be more sincere with his feelings, Jack is just afraid of saying the wrong things and making Elenor angry. Can he offer a better future to Elenor? And even more important: Would she accept this offer?

Keep a lookout for Leon next week on Friday!

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