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Nanolife is a free fantasy visual novel by Circle Pegasi. The game was released on April 1, 2012 and is now officially translated into German. Here is the game description:

“While a thunderstorm rages outside, a boy excitedly boots up a new MMORPG for the first time. After fiddling around with the character creator for a while he’s finally ready to play with his new character. However, just as he’s about to press the submit button, lighting strikes! As a result of the lightning strike the power goes out, and he’s forced to sit and wait in frustration. What he doesn’t realize is that his character has already begun playing without him

The style may remind you of those scenes in RE: Alistair where Merui disappears into the world of Rivenwell Online. You could imagine the game like this with the exception that everything happens in this online world. Despite this, Nanolife is of course an independent game with its own interesting story, high-definition graphics and three different endings. There is much to discover.



Nanolife2P.S.: Keep a lookout for more German translations of Circle Pegasi games 😉

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