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Summer has come! Which means one should usually go to the lake for bathing and have a blast. However, I still have to finish three term papers and I’ll be taking my driving test next month. Which in turn means that the translations are rather at the end of my priority list. Don’t expect many news in the next few weeks. Nonetheless, here is the current state of the translations:

Nelly Cootalot: almost done, testing phase
Days of the Divine: common scenes done, 3 character paths left
Princess Battles: started translation

Also, I got some suggestions for new projects and a lot of requests for game translations. I won’t announce any of them for the time being since everything is a bit slow at the moment and I don’t want to get even more emails à la “When will *** be released?” Of course you can write me, but it doesn’t make sense to ask for release dates because I’ll announce them here at first anyway. Often I can’t tell you about release dates since the developers release the games and I’m only the one who translates them. I work together with the developers, that’s why I only do official translations instead of so-called fan translations. But more on that in a future blog post. If you’re still afraid of missing something, you can follow me on several social platforms:


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