Nuss-Zealand.deSome of you may know it already, some may not. In mid-September I will be traveling to New Zealand for one year!

Together with Torsten Sohrmann, my loyal companion in private and professional life (some of you know him; he helped editing some images for German translations and with other design stuff), I’m doing a so-called working holiday. We will be traveling a lot, working, and certainly we will make great new experiences.

What does that mean for my games, translations, etc.: nothing. Or rather, practically nothing. I will keep maintaining this website and all of my announced games and translations will be released eventually. To be honest, lately things even work out better than I thought (more on that in the next weeks)!

Now to the essence of this announcement: I don’t want to spam those people who do not want to know anything about my personal life or about my travel to New Zealand. You will only find news about my books, translations, and other projects here. Thus, we created an extra personal travel blog: Nuss-Zealand. So if you want to read something personal from me for a change, you can expect nice pictures of the landscape, insisting into the culture, and cute videos of kiwis! 😀

Travel blog

P.S.: The travel blog is in German only for the time being. I might translate it some time. Also, the name “Nuss-Zealand” is kind of an inside joke (“Nuss” is the German word for nut, like, the thing you can eat), and you cannot really explain it in English without it becoming awkward. 😀

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