“Official” Translations

I just want to make it clear that I am a professional translator. I love languages, especially English and my mother tongue German. That is why I’m studying English and German at university. I also completed a two-year course for foreign language secretaries. In 2011, I released three books in German and I’m currently writing a new novel. I’ve translated more than 30 video games and I’ve done proofreading for several games and novels. So I think I’m quite capable of doing a good translation.

Many people think I’m a so-called “fan translator”. While I do like many of the games I translate, I’m not a fan translator. I don’t want to claim that fan translations are always bad, and I won’t name any of the bad translations either. I just want to say that many fan translations are done by amateurs and are not of high quality. There might be spelling mistakes, wrong translations of phrases, and maybe even changes of meaning. The best thing of an official translation is the support from the developers. I work with the developers and they release the translated game. Therefore, there are no legal problems and people can be sure that the official translation is supported and of high quality. Sometimes (often for free games) I offer my services for free in order to expand my portfolio. Sometimes I get paid for my work.

With that said, please do not confuse my translations (or rather: localizations) with fan translations. Actually, the translation is only a part of my work. A localization makes sure that the game is adjusted to the local culture. It is good to make a game more palpable for the new audience. Please also keep in mind that I’m a one-man army: I localize the game, I proofread, and I test it all by myself. (Sometimes developers create betas for the new audience but that’s not always the case). Therefore, there might be typing errors in the game. Please tell me if you spot an error; the good thing about official translations it that they are supported – we can fix the typos and provide a new version.

Please keep in mind: I’m a professional translator and I do official translations only. No unsanctioned translations, no fan translations. Thank you.

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