Sleepless Night 2 + Legend of the Silver Fox

Sleepless Night 2

Midori is desperate.

There wasn’t many news about Sleepless Night 2 in the last few weeks. I’d like to say that I’ve been working a lot on the game in the meantime, but this wouldn’t be the truth. I devoted my time to other games and a new book project. But this project is not canceled and it is also very progressed.  The android version of the first game was downloaded over 10,000 times and was reviewed positively. I’m glad that so many people are interested in the series and I’ll give my best to make the second game even better. I also take your criticisms into account. Many people wanted a longer story (or rather: a story at all). This is of course my focus, but this also means that it takes longer to complete it. So please be patient, because it will be worth it; Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) offers a longer story, more characters, and scarier shock moments.

Legend Of The Silver Fox

Jack disapproves of Elenor’s idea.

Let’s see what Legend of the Silver Fox has been up to. There has been a lot of progress here. The story finally takes shape, I’ve written a lot for it. Also in terms of music the game is nearly finished. However, the majority of the art is still missing, but it is worth the wait, because the game will look fantastic with the character sprites and backgrounds by Senkou. Furthermore, I decided to sell the game for a low price because of the amount of features (about 5€). I don’t want to make money out of the game but I’ll use the gains for my future games. I could add voice acting into the game later for example. I’m also planning a theme song, which will be recorded by a professional band. Please also keep in mind that all of my games will be released in two languages simultaneously (German and English), which means that I have to write twice as much. It takes a lot more time than expected but do not worry: The games will be released.

Finally, the newly planned release dates:
Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) – October 31, 2013
Legend of the Silver Fox – Beginning of 2014

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