Sleepless Night 2 – Preview #1 Music

Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) is not far away from being released. Now, you will find a little preview of the game on this page every Wednesday. So visit again on the 16th, 23th, and 30th if you want to know more. We will begin with the music, followed by the art, the story, and last but not least the gameplay and bonus content.

Sleepless Night 2: Soundtrack Cover

Sleepless Night 2 features a brand new soundtrack made by myself. The main menu track is a dark, haunting composition called “Ladies’ Nightmare” and replaces the well-known “Shadow” track from the first Sleepless Night game! However, I just couldn’t exclude this famous track from the game and remixed the original piece. The remix is now called “Shadow’s Return”; it’s slower and enhanced with a background choir. You can unlock it by completing the game, or you can purchase the official soundtrack once it’s released.

All three girls have their own theme. Every theme is connected to their individual stories and once you discover their secrets, it’ll all make sense. Most of the tracks are eerie and scary; “Daylight” is a little bit more cheerful.

This is the official tracklist:
1. Ladies’ Nightmare [0:42]
2. Daylight [0:38]
3. Souls (aka Natsumi’s Theme) [0:47]
4. Damnation [0:27]
5. Disco Of Doom [0:22]
6. All Alone Late At Night (aka Midori’s Theme) [0:57]
7. Music Box Of Death (aka Shizuka’s Theme) [0:31]
8. Shadow’s Return [0:56]

You wonder what the track “Disco Of Doom” is supposed to be? Well, that’s a secret, but you might pay a visit to this disco 😉

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