Sleepless Night 2 – Preview #2 Art

MidoriSleepless Night 2 is loosely based on my book series ‘Shadow-Trilogy’. While the first game features the protagonist of this series, Haru, this one will focus on three main characters instead. Shizuka, Natsumi, and Midori are more or less friends of Haru. The sprites were drawn by NoodleBrains and I used them for a couple of projects: my first visual novel Soulmates, book covers, and the Sleepless Night series of course. For this game, I edited the sprites a bit (to add some expressions). I also used some free sprites from and edited them.

The backgrounds were generously provided by OokamiKasumi under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial. She also writes and she released pretty cool visual novels, definitely check out her work! I also used one background from and edited it.

I created the GUI by myself and I also designed the game’s icon, cover art, and text box. Torsten Sohrmann helped with some things and created my logo, which is always shown at the beginning of my games. The game features some little animations, I added blinking sprites with three steps (open, half-closed, closed) which look much better compared with the two steps blinking effect in the first Sleepless Night game. Other than that, there are light effects and a few surprises.

P.S.: Midori here is just a mock-up GIF animation. In the game, the blinking effect looks better and more fluent.

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