Sleepless Night 2 – Soundtrack Release

Sleepless Night 2 Soundtrack

As of today, the official soundtrack of Sleepless Night 2 is available in the Onlineshop! The digital soundtrack includes all 8 tracks as MP3 files at a total length of 5:21. If you want to support me and my upcoming video game projects, you can buy it for just $1,95. All proceeds will be used for the development of upcoming games. You don’t have the soundtrack of the first Sleepless Night game? No problem! If you buy both soundtracks at the same time, you’ll get a 50 % discount!

1. Ladies’ Nightmare [0:42]
2. Daylight [0:38]
3. Souls (aka Natsumi’s Theme) [0:47]
4. Damnation [0:27]
5. Disco Of Doom [0:22]
6. All Alone Late At Night (aka Midori’s Theme) [0:57]
7. Music Box Of Death (aka Shizuka’s Theme) [0:31]
8. Shadow’s Return [0:56]


To the Onlineshop!

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