Sleepless Night Soundtrack

Sleepless Night Soundtrack

Due to popular demand the official Sleepless Night Soundtrack is now available for only $1,95! By buying those five tracks you support me as an indie author/musician/game maker and I can make more awesome music for my upcoming projects. You even get a bonus track that was not in the game titled Horror. And let me tell you this is the scariest track I’ve ever done. It wasn’t in the game because it was not finished and I couldn’t find a scene where the track was appropriate. The whole soundtrack includes five tracks at a total length of 5:24 minutes. With the soundtrack you also get the 700×700 cover as a .jpg file. The tracks are mp3s but you need a program to extract them since it is a .rar file.


1. Shadow [1:01]
2. Quiet [0:44]
3. Mystery [1:08]
4. Dead [1:41]
5. Horror [0:47]

You can buy the Sleepless Night Soundtrack in my official store here.

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