Summer Found Me – German Translation

Summer Found Me
Summer Found Me
is an Otome Game by GlassHeart and is now officially translated into German.

“You play Iris, a recent high school graduate. At the start of her summer vacation she decides to confess her feelings to Alden, a boy she’s had a crush on for about 2 years, before she leaves for college. She says she has no expectations, but how will it all turn out? Will she gather the courage to do it? Her gal-pal and partner in crime, Cherri is behind her 100%, but her best friend, Seth doesn’t seem to approve of her plan. And what about Iris’s shady and extremely annoying neighbor Devlin? What’s he up to, always hanging around in the hallway of their apartment building.”

There are three different boys in the game: Seth, Alden, and Devlin an there are 10 endings. The game is rated 14+ an can be downloaded for free! Have fun!

Summer Found Me Screen 1Summer Found Me Screen 2

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