Sneek Peek & a little question



Those who know my book will recognize him immediately: Shiro!

As I mentioned before, I finally found someone who draws my characters. Thanks so much to this talented artist NoodleBrains.

Since I do not only want to use the characters for illustration on my website, I started with a new visual novel project today. Right! With all important characters from my books. The story will be of course different from the story of my trilogy. Some things will be similar, other things will be totally new. I’ll just say that the visual novel will take a romantic kind of way. At the moment, the project runs under the working title  Sakura and about 3,000 words are already implemented in the script. If all goes well, I think I’ll have about 100,000 – 130,000 words in the finished product. Quite a lot, and as you can see at a very early stage. Here are the already planned features; 24+ endings and of course English and German text. Furthermore, I would like to have English voice acting for the characters. And here’s the problem: This all costs a lot of money, I have to pay myself. Therefore my question; would you pay for additional content (aka voice acting, additional scenes, soundtrack, etc.), as to say a “Deluxe Edition”, and if yes how much? You can vote in the poll and leave a comment.

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