Kako no Koi


Kako no Koi is an upcoming original German visual novel by Yume Creations.

“The protagonist Naoya Kiriyama is really depressed after his little sister Nagi killed herself. But he was encouraged by his friends especially by his childhood friend Chizuru Futami. They’re really good friends and do almost everything together. He also got help from Chizuru’s friend Tsukasa Hanamiya. Time went on and he fell in love with Tsukasa, but she turned down his confession. But he didn’t give up and finally she became his girlfriend. But the happiness didn’t last long because Tsukasa got in an accident and died. What will happen to Naoya? Will he see Tsukasa and Nagi again?”

Kako no Koi is a drama/mystery/romance visual novel. The game features character art by Deji and is supposed to be funded with crowdfunding. There is a short pre-alpha demo available in German and a English translation thereof by me. For more information and download links, take a look at the crowdfunding page on Indigogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kako-no-koi