Ambre – German Translation


Ambre by Träumendes Mädchen (developer of Being Beauteous) is a free kinetic novel about a thirty-year-old man who takes in a little girl. The KN tells a heartbreaking story that is totally different than it seems at first glance.

On the official website and on, you can download the first version of Ambre, which does not include the German translation, though. The version on Steam offers new graphics and translations, including the German one. Have fun!


“As he is passing by a park, a depressed thirty years old named Tristan Mallory discovers a lost little girl. Touched, he decides to help by taking her in. But something is off about their relationship, very off. Will you be able to figure out their terrible secret?

Ambre is a kinetic novel, thus you cannot choose the fate of the characters. However the story will take you on an emotional roller-coaster you won’t quite see coming. Even if things seem wrong, do not ever give up…or you’ll regret it.”



German Translations of Japanese Legends

Today I have two new free kinetic novels for you! Both games are Japanese legends and are relatively short. Red Ogre and Blue Ogre is something for children, but it has a certain message. Ghost Fall has some light horror elements and it’s a little bit scary. Both KNs are nice for reading in your break or something; you can play them in your browser:

Red Ogre and Blue Ogre
Ghost Fall

The stories are from Kudo Masahiro. Happy reading!

Midnight Chaos – Announcement

Midnight Chaos

Midnight Chaos is a short kinetic novel and part of the Sleepless Night series. It is highly recommended that you play Sleepless Night and Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) beforehand. This story focuses on what happens in that time when the protagonist from Sleepless Night is asleep and the girls from Sleepless Night 2 are having their ladies’ night. It’ll throw some light on the events from the two games and is some sort of prelude to the third and final Sleepless Night game. You will meet old friends and new enemies.

What is Haru up to now? His friends are in danger, and he has to make an important decision. The true villain shows up and threatens Haru and all the people he loves. Can Haru find his friends in time to warn them? Will he find the answers in Shizuka’s house, or in the forest?

Since Midnight Chaos is a thank you to the fans of the series, I wanted to make it available who support the Sleepless Night series in some way. If you’ve created fan art, fan fiction, a translation of one of the games, or something else or have provided me with resources for the games and/or helped me with programming/art/testing, just send me a message and I’ll send you a link to the full game once it’s released. Of course, you can also create something new, it doesn’t have to be super complex, just something small is good enough. I’ll post fan art and other things on my website and link to a page of yours if you want.

Grinning Heart: The Voyage – German Translation


The prequel to Grinning Heart: The Meeting is released! In Grinning Heart: The Voyage Chro ends up in a cursed forest where she finds a handsome man. If you know the series, you know that a lot of missunderstandings and funny dialogues are bound to occur.

Grinning Heart: The Voyage by Ngareci is a bit longer than the first game and offers funny, animated scenes with Chro and her new “target”, beautiful artwork, and a dragon. It is a kinetic novel, so no choices and only one ending. However, you should give it a try, because it is free and suitable for every age.

To the Download

A Rose By Any Other Name – German Translation

A Rose By Any Other Name

A Rose By Any Other Name by OLFIX Productions is a kinetic novel, which is told from the perspective of a rose.

Let yourself be enchanted by a heart-warming story about magic, friendship, and love. The novel is short, but the beautifully drawn characters and CGs, as well as the soundtrack, make this game to a very special experience. It is free, suitable for every age, and available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


A Rose By Any Other Name Screenshot 1A Rose By Any Other Name Screenshot 2

Always The Same Blue Sky… – German Translation

Always The Same Blue Sky…

Always The Same Blue Sky… is a commercial kinetic novel by Grant Wilde. Kinetic novel means that it is a pure story and the player cannot make decisions to change the outcome. The novel is an unique island adventure and a timeless love story full of mysteries.

“Due to mysterious circumstances you have been sent to finish studying on a remote Mediterranean island. Sure you’re used to moving around, but even you haven’t experienced an island quite like this a girl quite like Kira.”

This short novel invites you to a heart-warming love story of two young people. But some things are still unsolved and soon you will realize that Kira is not like other girls. A story which leaves room for interpretations with its vivid language, metaphors and philosophical thoughts. You can play the game in English and German, it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and you can buy it for £2.49 (£2.99 for the HD Edition). There is also a free demo.

Standard Edition Download

HD Edition Download


This Is Where I Want To Die – Translations

This Is Where I Want To Die was updated to version 1.1, which contains full translations into French and Spanish! Many thanks to Kevin Cottenie for translating the game into French and also many thanks to Nessy Noinex for translating it into Spanish. The update also includes some other improvements. You can download the new version here.

Some statistics:
The game contains 189 dialogue blocks, containing 1,462 words and 7,878
characters, for an average of 7.7 words and 42 characters per block.

The french translation contains 189 dialogue blocks, containing 1,675 words
and 9,299 characters, for an average of 8.9 words and 49 characters per block.

The german translation contains 242 dialogue blocks, containing 2,103 words
and 13,095 characters, for an average of 8.7 words and 54 characters per

The spanish translation contains 190 dialogue blocks, containing 1,433 words
and 8,385 characters, for an average of 7.5 words and 44 characters per block.

The German language is crazy! :O
If you’re a translator and want to translate my game, please write me an email. I want the game to be played by as many people as possible!