Near-Mage – Kickstarter

Near-Mage by Stuck In Attic is the latest game from the developers of Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure. The game is set in the same world, the so-called Kittehverse, and once again takes you to Transylvania. This time you take on the role of Illy Vraja, who is admitted to the Transylvanian Institute of Magick, where she learns spells and brews potions.

The gameplay promises to be a narrative adventure with a touch of RPG elements, and of course, some familiar characters from the first game will be featured as well! Visit the Institute, the real city of Sighișoara and the mythical city of Rakus, and choose different approaches to help all sorts of people and creatures.

Currently, a Kickstarter campaign is taking place to fund the development. The target amount was already exceeded within the first 24 hours, but there are still some great stretch goals waiting to be unlocked. Among others also for the German localization. Take a look and support the project if you liked Gibbous or if you like supernatural adventures:

Also, the Steam page is already online. Wishlisting the game will help the developers a lot to get more visibility.

Gibbous – German Translation

Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure by Stuck In Attic is a fun and dark point-and-click adventure game from Transylvania! It’s about the dreaded Necronomicon, Cthulhu himself and … a talking cat!

Discover this comedic cosmic horror adventure from Transylvania and experience the vast world through the eyes of three adorable protagonists with 2D animation in a Disney-like style! Now available on Steam and GOG – of course also with German subtitles. In this sense: Cthulhu fhtagn!


“Darkham, with its crooked gambrel roofs, dark alleys, and a past shrouded in secrecy, never really was a welcoming place, but nowadays? Kooky cults are popping up everywhere, and that most evil book, the Necronomicon, is spoken of in trembling whispers once more.

Detective Don R. Ketype is on the case to retrieve the mysterious evil tome, but unsuspecting librarian Buzz Kerwan stumbles upon it and accidentally transforms his cat, Kitteh, into a walking, talking abomination. Being humanized? Quite a downgrade.”


Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure for Nintendo Switch