Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade – German Translation

Leviathan - The Last Day of the Decade

Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade by Lostwood Games is a stunning mixture between visual novel and adventure. But it’s not only visually impressive, also its story makes the game a masterpiece in this genre. The game was developed by a Russian team and is released episodically. There will be 5 episodes in total, and the first two are already available in German.

One could describe this game as dark fantasy cyberpunk elements. I’d record to play the first free episode yourselves to get a feeling of the gameplay. Leviathan is available for Windows and iOS , but it will probably also available for Android in the future. You can make decisions, call friends, explore the different areas, and collect items. Furthermore, there are some fully animated scenes and a great soundtrack.

You are Oliver Vertran, who wants to solve a murder case with his demon Edna. When he gets his first clue after 10 years, he doesn’t yet know that he gets himself deeper and deeper into something that is much more dangerous than first expected. Is the murderer guilty after all? What’s the role of Oliver’s father? And what’s with the ominous amber ring from his mother?

The game is recommended for players 18+; but this doesn’t mean that there is sexual content or violence in the game. The age restriction is basically because of the plot; there are homosexual characters in the game, and if you are up to date with Russian politics you may know that there are massive problems with regard to this. Nonetheless, I personally would recommend it for players 16+, just play the first episode and you’ll see.