The Shadow-Trilogy ebooks!

Die Schatten-TrilogieAs of now, the Shadow-Trilogy is available as ebooks (in German only)! Each book costs only 3,49 € and the complete edition with all three books and bonus material only 9,90 €. If you have been hesitant before, now is the time to grab a copy! Experience the adventures of Haru and his friends in this fantasy series full of interesting characters, romance, and supernatural beings. The book series is set in a diffident universe to the Sleepless Night series, however, most characters from the games appear in the books as well; they might have slightly different personalties.

With a new cover and revised design, the 2011 novel series shines like new! The Shadow-Trilogy, which was inspired by mangas and visual novels, is my first work and came into being while I was still a teenager. After a long editing process and searching for a publisher, I was able to release the series, which I started when I was 16, in the Kubayamashi-Do publishing house.

Schatten (Shadows)
Schattenjäger (Shadow Chasers)
Schattenland (Shadow Land)
Die Schatten-Trilogie (The Shadow Trilogy)

English version:
Of course, there’s still desire to translate the trilogy into English. To be honest, almost 90 % are already translated, but it still has to be proofread. Due to my other projects, I have not much time to work on it, but I’m sure there will be an English version eventually. As soon as there are some news, I’ll announce it here.