Sleepless Night 2 – Soundtrack Release

Sleepless Night 2 Soundtrack

As of today, the official soundtrack of Sleepless Night 2 is available in the Onlineshop! The digital soundtrack includes all 8 tracks as MP3 files at a total length of 5:21. If you want to support me and my upcoming video game projects, you can buy it for just $1,95. All proceeds will be used for the development of upcoming games. You don’t have the soundtrack of the first Sleepless Night game? No problem! If you buy both soundtracks at the same time, you’ll get a 50 % discount!

1. Ladies’ Nightmare [0:42]
2. Daylight [0:38]
3. Souls (aka Natsumi’s Theme) [0:47]
4. Damnation [0:27]
5. Disco Of Doom [0:22]
6. All Alone Late At Night (aka Midori’s Theme) [0:57]
7. Music Box Of Death (aka Shizuka’s Theme) [0:31]
8. Shadow’s Return [0:56]


To the Onlineshop!

Sleepless Night 2 – Release

Sleepless Night 2

Happy Halloween!

Today, on October 31, 2013, Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) is finally released. It’s been a long way, but I’m glad that I can give this for you. The game is free, of course, and it’s a full version. Due to lack of time, the game was not beta tested, but I’ll update the game once my testers found a few bugs and typos. This version is available in English and German, you can change the language within the preferences screen. More languages will be included in an update and a version for Android will probably follow in the future. Also, I’ll upload a walkthrough in the next few days (in case you need help with one of the 24 endings.)

Windows (Installer) (~ 65 mb)
Windows (Zip) (~ 66 mb)
Mac OS (~ 64 mb)
Linux (~ 67 mb)
All (~ 78 mb)

P.S.: Please post which ending you got first and which characters survived your first sleepless night.

Sleepless Night 2 – Preview #4 Gameplay & Bonus

Sleepless Night 2 offers new gameplay elements. You can still interact with objects and look for clues, but you can also walk around in the house, search the rooms, and talk with the girls. You can be nice to them or you can be rude, depending on your choices the outcome changes. Sometimes it’s good to take a side, but sometimes it’s better to stay neutral. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. This time, you not only have to survive the night on your own, but you also have to protect your friends.

The game also features a bonus screen, where you can look at images again and replay the music tracks. It also includes the epilogue, which can be unlocked by finishing the game. The game will be released on October 31, 2013 in English and German. Other translations may follow in an update.

Sleepless Night 2 – Preview #3 Story

Sleepless Night 2 is the sequel to the original Sleepless Night (obviously). However, Haru only plays a little role in this game. The main focus is on the three girls Shizuka, Natsumi, and Midori. You are invited to a ladies’ night in Shizuka’s house and no boys are allowed. But Haru is supposed to work on a school project anyway. That’s right, chronological the game is set in the same time as the first Sleepless Night. This is important and you’ll soon know why.

Basically, the personalities of the characters are the same as in the book series. However, please keep in mind, that the Sleepless Night series is not connected to the book series and not “canon” in the book’s universe. Just look at these games as being set in a parallel universe. It is recommended to play the first game, but it is not necessary.

While Sleepless Night did not explain much, you’ll find more answers in Sleepless Night 2. There are four main endings which will explain a few things, but there are also “death endings” that are similar to the first game. When you finished the game, you’ll unlock the epilogue. And the epilogue miiight surprise you. 😉

By the way, people keep asking me what the official title of the game is. The official title is: Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare). But you can also refer to it as Sleepless Night 2, Sleepless Nightmare, Ladies’ Nightmare, or just SN2.

Sleepless Night 2 – Preview #2 Art

MidoriSleepless Night 2 is loosely based on my book series ‘Shadow-Trilogy’. While the first game features the protagonist of this series, Haru, this one will focus on three main characters instead. Shizuka, Natsumi, and Midori are more or less friends of Haru. The sprites were drawn by NoodleBrains and I used them for a couple of projects: my first visual novel Soulmates, book covers, and the Sleepless Night series of course. For this game, I edited the sprites a bit (to add some expressions). I also used some free sprites from and edited them.

The backgrounds were generously provided by OokamiKasumi under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial. She also writes and she released pretty cool visual novels, definitely check out her work! I also used one background from and edited it.

I created the GUI by myself and I also designed the game’s icon, cover art, and text box. Torsten Sohrmann helped with some things and created my logo, which is always shown at the beginning of my games. The game features some little animations, I added blinking sprites with three steps (open, half-closed, closed) which look much better compared with the two steps blinking effect in the first Sleepless Night game. Other than that, there are light effects and a few surprises.

P.S.: Midori here is just a mock-up GIF animation. In the game, the blinking effect looks better and more fluent.

Sleepless Night 2 – Preview #1 Music

Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) is not far away from being released. Now, you will find a little preview of the game on this page every Wednesday. So visit again on the 16th, 23th, and 30th if you want to know more. We will begin with the music, followed by the art, the story, and last but not least the gameplay and bonus content.

Sleepless Night 2: Soundtrack Cover

Sleepless Night 2 features a brand new soundtrack made by myself. The main menu track is a dark, haunting composition called “Ladies’ Nightmare” and replaces the well-known “Shadow” track from the first Sleepless Night game! However, I just couldn’t exclude this famous track from the game and remixed the original piece. The remix is now called “Shadow’s Return”; it’s slower and enhanced with a background choir. You can unlock it by completing the game, or you can purchase the official soundtrack once it’s released.

All three girls have their own theme. Every theme is connected to their individual stories and once you discover their secrets, it’ll all make sense. Most of the tracks are eerie and scary; “Daylight” is a little bit more cheerful.

This is the official tracklist:
1. Ladies’ Nightmare [0:42]
2. Daylight [0:38]
3. Souls (aka Natsumi’s Theme) [0:47]
4. Damnation [0:27]
5. Disco Of Doom [0:22]
6. All Alone Late At Night (aka Midori’s Theme) [0:57]
7. Music Box Of Death (aka Shizuka’s Theme) [0:31]
8. Shadow’s Return [0:56]

You wonder what the track “Disco Of Doom” is supposed to be? Well, that’s a secret, but you might pay a visit to this disco 😉

Sleepless Night 2 + Legend of the Silver Fox

Sleepless Night 2

Midori is desperate.

There wasn’t many news about Sleepless Night 2 in the last few weeks. I’d like to say that I’ve been working a lot on the game in the meantime, but this wouldn’t be the truth. I devoted my time to other games and a new book project. But this project is not canceled and it is also very progressed.  The android version of the first game was downloaded over 10,000 times and was reviewed positively. I’m glad that so many people are interested in the series and I’ll give my best to make the second game even better. I also take your criticisms into account. Many people wanted a longer story (or rather: a story at all). This is of course my focus, but this also means that it takes longer to complete it. So please be patient, because it will be worth it; Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) offers a longer story, more characters, and scarier shock moments.

Legend Of The Silver Fox

Jack disapproves of Elenor’s idea.

Let’s see what Legend of the Silver Fox has been up to. There has been a lot of progress here. The story finally takes shape, I’ve written a lot for it. Also in terms of music the game is nearly finished. However, the majority of the art is still missing, but it is worth the wait, because the game will look fantastic with the character sprites and backgrounds by Senkou. Furthermore, I decided to sell the game for a low price because of the amount of features (about 5€). I don’t want to make money out of the game but I’ll use the gains for my future games. I could add voice acting into the game later for example. I’m also planning a theme song, which will be recorded by a professional band. Please also keep in mind that all of my games will be released in two languages simultaneously (German and English), which means that I have to write twice as much. It takes a lot more time than expected but do not worry: The games will be released.

Finally, the newly planned release dates:
Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) – October 31, 2013
Legend of the Silver Fox – Beginning of 2014

About Visual Novels, Translations and other matters

There are not many news at the moment, which is especially due to my upcoming exams. University first, I guess. Nonetheless, I want to make some announcements and tell you what’s new. First of all, I have to say I was wrong about the month concerning NaNoRenO. Of course, it starts in March, which means I’ll only start working on This Is Where I Want To Die next month. I’m really looking forward to it because I have many good ideas that I’d like to implement. Sleepless Night 2 makes slow progress; although it’s doubtful if I’ll manage to release it in April. Maybe May, after all. And last but not least: Legend of the Silver Fox, here we have progress particularly in the graphical area. The sprites slowly take shape and they look great so far. Moreover, there’s going to be a more professional logo, which I’ll show you as soon as I get it. Lately, I didn’t have much time to write but a release this year is still planned.

Furthermore, I’m hard-working on translations. This weekend I finally want to finish with Summer Found Me. After that I’ll continue work on the commercial visual novel Blue Rose by White Cat, more about this VN in the next days.

Witch Spell
However, there is a release today. Thanks to Witch Spell is now available in German for Android. You can download the visual novel here:
Witch Spell Android-Version
Witch Spell PC-Version

Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare)

Sleepless Night 2

I think it’s time to talk about Sleepless Night 2! Since I got many nice comments for my first “real” visual novel/point-and-click game Sleepless Night, I decided to work on a second installment. I really listened to what the players wished for and tried to put it into this new game. Here is a short teaser of the new game:

As you can see, there are already many features that were missed in the first game:

  • More rooms to explore (about 10)
  • Things you can click on “shine” (yaay)
  • You can talk with people (3 girls)

Please keep in mind that everything in this video is subject to change. The full game will be free and it’s already twice the length of the first game. Many players complained that the true ending in the first game was really cliché but for Sleepless Night 2 I have some cool ideas! There are going to be three main endings (apart from the various death endings) and one true ending that will clear some things up 😉

I can’t give you an exact release date but maybe I can finish it sometime in April. Next month I’ll start to work on This Is Where I Want To Die (short: TIWIWTD :D) for NaNoRenO 2013. After this is finished, I’ll work full speed on SN2 and Legend of the Silver Fox so I’m pretty sure I’ll manage to release at least those three games in 2013.