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As of now, you will find all of my games on This has several advantages for me, but also for you. For me it’s easier to upload all games there and keep them updated. (Furthrmore, I don’t have to overload my Dropbox.) And you can always download the latest version of my games.

If you really liked a game or if you just want to support me, you can give me a “tip” on; the games will still be free, though.

All visual novels have been updated again so thanks to the latest Ren’Py version, they should run more smoothly and be more compatible. I have also fixed some small things. Have fun reading!

Sleepless Night REMASTERED – Announcement

Sleepless Night REMASTERED

It’s been three years since the original Sleepless Night was released. The game was developed in just one month. In the following years, there’ve been many translations, ports for smartphones, a sequel, a spin-off, and other things are planned.

Today I’m happy to announce Sleepless Night REMASTERED. With new HD background art (1920×1080), an improved soundtrack, a new GUI, a list with all endings, music room, gallery, more translations, and more surprises. If the game lands on Steam, you can also look forward to achievements and trading cards!

There will be no changes to the story. So as I said, it’s just going to be an improved version of the original game, and it will be available for a small fee. It’s the Sleepless Night I always wanted to have and I hope the fans will like the improvements as much as I do.

I cannot really tell when Sleepless Night REMASTERED will be released. A majority of the improvements is done already, and there are just some small things missing. However, this will not affect the third and last game of the series. Sleepless Night 3: Nocte Illuni will (hopefully) be released this year, and it’ll be completely free at first!

What else would you like to see in Sleepless Night REMASTERED?

Christmas Greetings and 2015 Prospects

The Silver Fox wishes you a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas! I wish all of my readers, players, friends and relatives Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Now is the time to recall the bygone year and prospect the new one. Many things did happen, but unfortunately, many things did not. Legend of the Silver Fox is far from being finished, but here’s to hope it’ll see the light of day in 2015! Also, many translations are still not released, which personally annoys me; not only because of the lost time, but also because I know that many visual novel fans wait for those games. 🙁

But enough of the negative stuff!


My eBook series, the Raven-Saga, started and it is selling better than I expected. Thanks to everyone who supports the series. I publish the book series on my own and that’s why I’m even happier that it was a successful start. By the way, you can get the first book on Amazon for free over Christmas; just click here and download it. You can expect the remaining episodes in 2015 and … even more! I cannot tell exactly what just now. 😉 Furthermore, two of my short stories got released in anthologies (German only, though); „Eins mit der Natur“ in Eine Feder für Wölfe (published by Swantje Berndt and released in the Weltenschmiede Verlag) and „Monster“ in Bunte Augenblicke (published by the Autorentreff Bad Camberg and released in the Verlag Edition Winterwork). Moreover, there are great new book projects coming for me to edit next year; among other things an adaption of a well-known, German video game. I’m really looking forward to it!

TranslationsWhispering Willows
Concerning upcoming game translations, it’s also going well. Since a few months, I’m part of the localization group MoonCreative; we localize video games for various gaming systems into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Polish and more. That means I get to translate many more well-known games into German like Whispering Willows. But of course in my free time I’ll keep doing translations for visual novels; regardless of whether they are free or commercial. Though, please note that (also partly because of my indignation about the unreleased translations) those works, which I get paid for, take priority. I have to pay my bills as well. Even more video game news? Yes! However, like always I’m not allowed to reveal much. As a matter of fact, some of my translations will be released on Steam, iOS, Android, and PlayStation in 2015. As always I’ll announce  all new infos on here and on Facebook as soon as I can tell you more.

CoverMy own video games
To Kill A Black Swan was released this year and even though it did not get the same resonance as This Is Where I Want To Die did, feedback was mostly positive. For 2015, I intend to release the last Sleepless Night. Part 3 will be darker, longer, and combines elements from both its predecessors. Furthermore, all open questions will be answered. Legend of the Silver Fox will hopefully be finished and a new visual novel should make enough progress so I can present it to you. What’s more, I’m also working on a RPG, which I hinted at here and there. 😉

That’s it from me for this year! I was able to work with great authors, translators, and developers in 2014, and all things considered it was a good year. I’m looking forward to read from you; how was your year, do you have good resolutions for the new one?


The Future of Sleepless Night

I have some great new ideas for the Sleepless Night series, but I wanted to ask you first what you would be interested in. Please note that everything is purely hypothetical, and this is not an official confirmation that those projects will actually be realized (except Sleepless Night 3).

Sleepless Night RPG game
In the past, I would often experiment with the RPG-Maker; however, none of those games were ever released. I would like to try to create a Sleepless Night RPG game. I don’t know yet if it’s going to be a 1:1 copy of the visual novels, or a new story of Haru. Would you like to play a role-playing game, in which you play as Haru, fighting against the shadow monsters, raising levels, learning skills, and rescuing your friends?

Sleepless Night novel adaption
At the moment, I’m writing very much. Among other things I’ve written a lot for the Sleepless Night series (for the third installment and possibly other projects), so I thought it might be interesting to combine the whole Sleepless Night series (that is part 1, 2, 3 + side stories) into a novel, amplify it, and release it as a ebook. That way you could read the ending of the story earlier and you wouldn’t have to wait for the release of the last game. Also, there are going to be additional scenes.

A little idea about Shizuka’s and Kazumi’s background story as a kinetic novel. It could be another mini-episode of the Sleepless Night series, similar to Midnight Chaos, and would offer background information that will make you understand Shizuka and her intentions better.

The third installment makes progress, and I already thought about how the gameplay is going to work, and how the ending should be. However, it is going to be the biggest Sleepless Night game, and will not be released before 2015. Of course, it will be free like the rest of the series. Beforehand, however, I want to release Legend of the Silver Fox.

What would you be most interested in?

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The Shadow-Trilogy ebooks!

Die Schatten-TrilogieAs of now, the Shadow-Trilogy is available as ebooks (in German only)! Each book costs only 3,49 € and the complete edition with all three books and bonus material only 9,90 €. If you have been hesitant before, now is the time to grab a copy! Experience the adventures of Haru and his friends in this fantasy series full of interesting characters, romance, and supernatural beings. The book series is set in a diffident universe to the Sleepless Night series, however, most characters from the games appear in the books as well; they might have slightly different personalties.

With a new cover and revised design, the 2011 novel series shines like new! The Shadow-Trilogy, which was inspired by mangas and visual novels, is my first work and came into being while I was still a teenager. After a long editing process and searching for a publisher, I was able to release the series, which I started when I was 16, in the Kubayamashi-Do publishing house.

Schatten (Shadows)
Schattenjäger (Shadow Chasers)
Schattenland (Shadow Land)
Die Schatten-Trilogie (The Shadow Trilogy)

English version:
Of course, there’s still desire to translate the trilogy into English. To be honest, almost 90 % are already translated, but it still has to be proofread. Due to my other projects, I have not much time to work on it, but I’m sure there will be an English version eventually. As soon as there are some news, I’ll announce it here.

Midnight Chaos – Announcement

Midnight Chaos

Midnight Chaos is a short kinetic novel and part of the Sleepless Night series. It is highly recommended that you play Sleepless Night and Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare) beforehand. This story focuses on what happens in that time when the protagonist from Sleepless Night is asleep and the girls from Sleepless Night 2 are having their ladies’ night. It’ll throw some light on the events from the two games and is some sort of prelude to the third and final Sleepless Night game. You will meet old friends and new enemies.

What is Haru up to now? His friends are in danger, and he has to make an important decision. The true villain shows up and threatens Haru and all the people he loves. Can Haru find his friends in time to warn them? Will he find the answers in Shizuka’s house, or in the forest?

Since Midnight Chaos is a thank you to the fans of the series, I wanted to make it available who support the Sleepless Night series in some way. If you’ve created fan art, fan fiction, a translation of one of the games, or something else or have provided me with resources for the games and/or helped me with programming/art/testing, just send me a message and I’ll send you a link to the full game once it’s released. Of course, you can also create something new, it doesn’t have to be super complex, just something small is good enough. I’ll post fan art and other things on my website and link to a page of yours if you want.

Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare)

Sleepless Night 2

I think it’s time to talk about Sleepless Night 2! Since I got many nice comments for my first “real” visual novel/point-and-click game Sleepless Night, I decided to work on a second installment. I really listened to what the players wished for and tried to put it into this new game. Here is a short teaser of the new game:

As you can see, there are already many features that were missed in the first game:

  • More rooms to explore (about 10)
  • Things you can click on “shine” (yaay)
  • You can talk with people (3 girls)

Please keep in mind that everything in this video is subject to change. The full game will be free and it’s already twice the length of the first game. Many players complained that the true ending in the first game was really cliché but for Sleepless Night 2 I have some cool ideas! There are going to be three main endings (apart from the various death endings) and one true ending that will clear some things up 😉

I can’t give you an exact release date but maybe I can finish it sometime in April. Next month I’ll start to work on This Is Where I Want To Die (short: TIWIWTD :D) for NaNoRenO 2013. After this is finished, I’ll work full speed on SN2 and Legend of the Silver Fox so I’m pretty sure I’ll manage to release at least those three games in 2013.

Eleven Visual Novels

Today, I’m going to write about the visual novels I’m working on. At the moment, I’m working on eleven games (I know I’m crazy). For most of the games there is no art yet so basically the statuses are only in terms of writing. Some games only have working titles and please note that everything is subject to change. It would be great if you’d leave your thoughts about one (or more) games in the comments.

Bloodtype X
Leon is an average high school student with not many friends. When a new boy changes into his class, he does not realize his life is in great danger. Bloodtype X is a game about vampires, jealousy, and love. 1 BxB. The novel is rated 15+.
Status: Finished second chapter out of five (possibly more).


Working title. A young girl stranded on a lonely island and wants to find her way back home. On the island, she meets other survivors and a mysterious inhabitant. Will she find her way back home? Her true love? Or both? 2 GxB, 1 GxG. The novel is rated 13+.
Status: Finished one character path out of three.

This Is Where I Want To Die
A short kinetic novel. The story is about the last moments of a person as you try to remember what happened. This is a sad story and it has no happy end but there is an important message I want to put across. I plan to write this novel for the NaNoReno project in February 2013. The novel is rated 16+.
Status: I have the story in mind, I’m going to finish it in February 2013.


Working title. This is the full game about Haru and his friends. It is loosely based on the German book series The Shadow-Trilogy; however, you do not have to read the books to understand this game. It’s rather an alternate storyline. It’s a school romance game and there are not as many fantasy elements in it as in the books. 3 BxG, 3 BxB. The novel is rated 13+.
Status: Finished two character paths out of six (still a long way to go).

Silent Voices
Working title. A visual novel about mermaids, gender switching, and a curse. It is loosely inspired by The Little Mermaid but it has its own story and a very surprising twist. The game will be very funny (hopefully) and romantic. 2 ?xB. The novel is rated 0+.
Status: Only finished prologue.

Detective Story
Not a title, at all. A murder mystery visual novel where a middle-aged detective has to solve a murder case. You have to collect clues and identify the murderer at the end. It has multiple endings. Possible episodic. The novel is rated 16+.
Status: Almost finished, only needs art (and a title obviously).


An episodic horror visual novel series. Four people, one fate, one mystery that connects them all. A post-apocalyptic world where zombies and other monsters infested humankind. This could be compared to The Walking Dead, but I actually started this before I knew this series. There are going to be five episodes. The novels are rated 16+.
Status: Finished first episode, only needs art. And I want to finish them all before I release them so there are no delays.

Godfather Death
A tale adaption of the story by the Brothers Grimm. A young boy accompanied by Death himself strives after money and fame. He meets several people who will support him or will try to hinder him from reaching his goals. During the game, the player has to make moral decisions and work his way up to become a prestigious doctor. 2 BxG, 2 BxB. The novel is rated 15+.
Status: About 50,000 words and not even half way through.

Legend of the Silver Fox
A medieval visual novel about a girl who loves adventures, a boy who accompanies her, and a village that bears a dark secret. The game offers four different endings and is a mix between slice of life, fantasy and otome game. 2 GxB. The novel is rated 13+.
Status: About 5,000 words, supposed to be about 50,000 – 70,000 words

Haunted House
Working title. A horror visual novel where the protagonist is trapped in a haunted house and has to find his girlfriend. There are several ways to escape from the house. A scary and bloody game. The novel is rated 18+.
Status: Only started, not sure if this project will happen actually

Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare)

I’ve been working on this for a while and I guess it’s time to reveal it. Another Sleepless Night! However, this time you are going to spend the night at a friend’s house where no boys are allowed. Natsumi, Midori, and Shizuka are having a Ladies’ Night at Shizuka’s house and you are invited. You can explore the whole house and collect clues. But don’t get yourself killed! There are dangers lurking everywhere.
Status: That’s a secret 😉

I hope to finish and release at least four games in 2013. Of course, This Is Where I Want To Die in February/March 2013 and Sleepless Night 2 sometime in between. I also want to finish Bloodtype X because I’ve been working on it for a long time and I love the characters and the story, maybe summer 2013? And maybe this Detective Story; I need the art and a cool title, though. I know that I’ve been working on Sakura very much but it’s going to be such a huge game and I doubt that I can finish the writing, art, and voice acting in 2013. By the way, the secret project I’ve written a few posts about is Godfather Death and it’s another huge game I won’t be able to finish soon.

If anyone is interested in helping with one (or more) of the projects in terms of art, voice acting, translations, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact me. Which games are you most excited about? Are they even appealing? What do you think about the titles?

Sleepless Night Soundtrack

Sleepless Night Soundtrack

Due to popular demand the official Sleepless Night Soundtrack is now available for only $1,95! By buying those five tracks you support me as an indie author/musician/game maker and I can make more awesome music for my upcoming projects. You even get a bonus track that was not in the game titled Horror. And let me tell you this is the scariest track I’ve ever done. It wasn’t in the game because it was not finished and I couldn’t find a scene where the track was appropriate. The whole soundtrack includes five tracks at a total length of 5:24 minutes. With the soundtrack you also get the 700×700 cover as a .jpg file. The tracks are mp3s but you need a program to extract them since it is a .rar file.


1. Shadow [1:01]
2. Quiet [0:44]
3. Mystery [1:08]
4. Dead [1:41]
5. Horror [0:47]

You can buy the Sleepless Night Soundtrack in my official store here.