“Noche de insomnio” – Spanish Translation of Sleepless Night


Although I said I wouldn’t update the game any more it’s another thing for translations! Sleepless Night Version 1.3 adds a Spanish translation and fixes some minor bugs. Many thanks to El Lobo Demente! You can download the new version here:

Sleepless Night 1.3

If you are a translator and want to translate my games (Sleepless Night or Soulmates) into another language please feel free to message me! So far Sleepless Night is available in English, German, and Spanish! Thanks to everyone who downloaded and supported my game!


Sleepless Night 1.2

Yaaay! The new version of my horror visual novel Sleepless Night is out! Although, it only fixes some bugs and finally adds the requested “Done” button in the searching screen. Furthermore, the different versions are now downloadable for every OS. Here is the new version:

Sleepless Night 1.2

This means that there will be no more new versions. I couldn’t find voice actors for the project, since everyone gave up after a few days. Also, the Japanese translator doesn’t have time to work on it in the near future. So from now on, I’ll only focus on my new games, books, and translations.

Thanks to everyone who played the game! By now I cannot count the downloads any more, since the game is available on various sites, but it has been a lot! Thank you so much!

New Versions

Sleepless Night will get an update soon. I planned to have English voice acting for Haru and the protagonist. Furthermore, I would like to have a Japanese translation, but that is not for sure yet. I will implement the “Done” button in the search screen, though. So hopefully this update will be done in July.

We must not forget Soulmates; the game will soon get its well-deserved update. For this visual novel I planned to put in the new character art and new backgrounds of course, as well as small bug fixes.

Thank you all for playing my games. I’ll keep you updated on my new game as well!

NaNoRenO 2012: Sleepless Night

My project for NaNoRenO 2012 is coming along pretty well. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter; I’m working on a short visual novel called Sleepless Night, which is another story about Haru, the protagonist of the Shadow-Trilogy. The goal of NaNoRenO is to create a visual novel in the course of a month (March). I just started a week ago, on March 11, but I think I can finish it on time. At the moment, I’m editing the script and adding sounds and music into the game. I’m looking for some native English speakers who would like to proofread the novel. For further information and screenshots, please click here!