New Versions

Sleepless Night will get an update soon. I planned to have English voice acting for Haru and the protagonist. Furthermore, I would like to have a Japanese translation, but that is not for sure yet. I will implement the “Done” button in the search screen, though. So hopefully this update will be done in July.

We must not forget Soulmates; the game will soon get its well-deserved update. For this visual novel I planned to put in the new character art and new backgrounds of course, as well as small bug fixes.

Thank you all for playing my games. I’ll keep you updated on my new game as well!

German Review for February & News

I uploaded the visual novel recommendation for February  to the German site; Train of Afterlife! Here is the review: Train of Afterlife

The visual novel will also be available in German soon, to be exact on February 13, 2012 if all goes well.

Furthermore, I have a big announcement: I am currently working on a secret project, a visual novel that I want to publish this year. Here are first information about the project: Secret project

Those who played my first visual novel, Soulmates, may already now that I don’t have problems with creating music or writing the script, however, I could use some help with the graphical stuff, so those who are talented drawers, preferably  manga style, can write me an email.

One last thing, speaking of Soulmates, I found a really talented illustrator who is redrawing the characters for my game. The highly gifted artist is NoodleBrains. That means that there will be a new version of Soulmates with revised  characters, music, and other surprises. Here is a preview:

Haru Chikamatsu













Footnote: My new website supports comments. I would be happy if you would leave your opinions here now and then 😉