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As of now, you will find all of my games on This has several advantages for me, but also for you. For me it’s easier to upload all games there and keep them updated. (Furthrmore, I don’t have to overload my Dropbox.) And you can always download the latest version of my games.

If you really liked a game or if you just want to support me, you can give me a “tip” on; the games will still be free, though.

All visual novels have been updated again so thanks to the latest Ren’Py version, they should run more smoothly and be more compatible. I have also fixed some small things. Have fun reading!

This Is Where I Want To Die – In Retrospect

!Please be aware that this post contains spoilers!

Half a year ago on March 17, 2013 This Is Where I Want To Die was released. Since then I get positive and negative emails about the game. Many people liked the story, the twist at the end, and the message. On the other side, there are also people who disliked the lack of gameplay elements. This Is Where I Want To Die is a story that contains true incidents and I wanted it to be shocking, I did not want the player to interfere in any way. Therefore, I called it a kinetic novel; a novel without choices.

Misleadings & Meaning:
“Everything is just there for misleading.” – I hear this sentence often. Right, this was my intention after all. Brad and Ann are positioned on the cover art and in many in-game scenes as if they are holding hands. “Everything just seemed to be too perfect and Ann must be the one who’s responsible for the incident. On the other hand  maybe it’s Brad himself?” – Of course, I had to put some misleadings into the game. Otherwise, there is no point for the reader to pay attention and to imagine things that could’ve happened. “The twist came out of nowhere!” – Indeed. Homophobia is something that isn’t announced either.

Proposal & culture:
Many people immediately knew that the protagonist is a male when he proposed to Brad. I think this is quite interesting since here in Germany I don’t think it would be THAT weird if a female proposed to a male (or maybe that’s just me). This might be a cultural thing and I was really surprised that some people saw through this. If I had known this from the beginning, I would’ve arranged the scenes in a different way. Well, you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk.

Music & art:
The game has a depressing theme and I wanted dark backgrounds and dark sprites. After a while, I hit on an idea: I used silhouettes as sprites which made it possible for me to have vague character appearances. It also made it easier to hide the fact that the protagonist isn’t shown (until the very end of the game). The music is supposed to sound mysterious yet not too sad. The scene in the bar is one of the most happy scenes, that’s why the music theme is more cheerful (also: it’s a bar). Maybe you noticed it after you played the game: There are waves in the background of the main menu theme; this was my attempt to get the player thinking about everything again – about the forever shattered Dream of the Ocean (the track is titled “Ocean Dreams”), the attack that ruined more than one life, the cruelty, the hate. I want people to become aware of the fact that there is still a lot of hate, some countries even punish homosexuality (yes there is even death penalty for loving a person of the same gender in the 21th century!).

Sequel or spin-off?:
I don’t think a sequel would make much sense for this sort of game. I do have many other topics I want to address and I think I might use the kinetic novel format again to put a message across. This won’t be connected to TIWIWTD, but the style might be similar. I have a very sensitive topic on my mind.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, because I think everyone has their own ideas and interpretations. This is basically everything I wanted to mention. This Is Where I Want To Die may not be the best story ever written, but I think everyone should appreciate the message it sends. I want people not only to tolerate homosexuality, but to accept it.

Hier is waar ik wil sterven – Dutch Translation

This Is Where I Want To Die was translated into Dutch by! Thank you! The game is now available in five different languages. Beside the translation, the preferences screen was adjusted so you can change between the languages easier. As usual you can download the game on the official website:

This Is Where I Want To Die

P.S: I always recommend downloading the game from this site since this one is always up to date.

This Is Where I Want To Die – Translations

This Is Where I Want To Die was updated to version 1.1, which contains full translations into French and Spanish! Many thanks to Kevin Cottenie for translating the game into French and also many thanks to Nessy Noinex for translating it into Spanish. The update also includes some other improvements. You can download the new version here.

Some statistics:
The game contains 189 dialogue blocks, containing 1,462 words and 7,878
characters, for an average of 7.7 words and 42 characters per block.

The french translation contains 189 dialogue blocks, containing 1,675 words
and 9,299 characters, for an average of 8.9 words and 49 characters per block.

The german translation contains 242 dialogue blocks, containing 2,103 words
and 13,095 characters, for an average of 8.7 words and 54 characters per

The spanish translation contains 190 dialogue blocks, containing 1,433 words
and 8,385 characters, for an average of 7.5 words and 44 characters per block.

The German language is crazy! :O
If you’re a translator and want to translate my game, please write me an email. I want the game to be played by as many people as possible!

This Is Where I Want To Die Soundtrack

This Is Where I Want To Die Soundtrack

Actually, it does not make much sense to release a soundtrack for such a small project, but due to demand I decided to release the short soundtrack of This Is Where I Want To Die nonetheless. Those four tracks are really short and sure not a masterpiece. But if you want to support me as an independent author/musician/game developer, you can buy the soundtrack for $1.00. The total length of it is only 1:37 minutes since the tracks are quite repetitive. With the soundtrack you also get the 700×700 cover as a .jpg file. The tracks are mp3s but you need a program to extract them since it is a .rar file.

1. Ocean Dreams [0:24]
2. Ann’s House [0:34]
3. Bar [0:16]
4. Showdown [0:21]

You can buy the This Is Where I Want To Die Soundtrack in my official store here.

This Is Where I Want To Die

This Is Where I Want To Die

My contribution for this year’s NaNoRenO is finished already! This Is Where I Want To Die is a short kinetic novel, which is about a dying person trying to remember what happened. More information and the game to download on its official site: This Is Where I Want To Die

The game was created in less than a month, but I had the story already in mind. It’s free an can be played in English and German. TIWIWTD contains only one ending and no choices, but has an important message I want to put across. Have fun!

Eleven Visual Novels

Today, I’m going to write about the visual novels I’m working on. At the moment, I’m working on eleven games (I know I’m crazy). For most of the games there is no art yet so basically the statuses are only in terms of writing. Some games only have working titles and please note that everything is subject to change. It would be great if you’d leave your thoughts about one (or more) games in the comments.

Bloodtype X
Leon is an average high school student with not many friends. When a new boy changes into his class, he does not realize his life is in great danger. Bloodtype X is a game about vampires, jealousy, and love. 1 BxB. The novel is rated 15+.
Status: Finished second chapter out of five (possibly more).


Working title. A young girl stranded on a lonely island and wants to find her way back home. On the island, she meets other survivors and a mysterious inhabitant. Will she find her way back home? Her true love? Or both? 2 GxB, 1 GxG. The novel is rated 13+.
Status: Finished one character path out of three.

This Is Where I Want To Die
A short kinetic novel. The story is about the last moments of a person as you try to remember what happened. This is a sad story and it has no happy end but there is an important message I want to put across. I plan to write this novel for the NaNoReno project in February 2013. The novel is rated 16+.
Status: I have the story in mind, I’m going to finish it in February 2013.


Working title. This is the full game about Haru and his friends. It is loosely based on the German book series The Shadow-Trilogy; however, you do not have to read the books to understand this game. It’s rather an alternate storyline. It’s a school romance game and there are not as many fantasy elements in it as in the books. 3 BxG, 3 BxB. The novel is rated 13+.
Status: Finished two character paths out of six (still a long way to go).

Silent Voices
Working title. A visual novel about mermaids, gender switching, and a curse. It is loosely inspired by The Little Mermaid but it has its own story and a very surprising twist. The game will be very funny (hopefully) and romantic. 2 ?xB. The novel is rated 0+.
Status: Only finished prologue.

Detective Story
Not a title, at all. A murder mystery visual novel where a middle-aged detective has to solve a murder case. You have to collect clues and identify the murderer at the end. It has multiple endings. Possible episodic. The novel is rated 16+.
Status: Almost finished, only needs art (and a title obviously).


An episodic horror visual novel series. Four people, one fate, one mystery that connects them all. A post-apocalyptic world where zombies and other monsters infested humankind. This could be compared to The Walking Dead, but I actually started this before I knew this series. There are going to be five episodes. The novels are rated 16+.
Status: Finished first episode, only needs art. And I want to finish them all before I release them so there are no delays.

Godfather Death
A tale adaption of the story by the Brothers Grimm. A young boy accompanied by Death himself strives after money and fame. He meets several people who will support him or will try to hinder him from reaching his goals. During the game, the player has to make moral decisions and work his way up to become a prestigious doctor. 2 BxG, 2 BxB. The novel is rated 15+.
Status: About 50,000 words and not even half way through.

Legend of the Silver Fox
A medieval visual novel about a girl who loves adventures, a boy who accompanies her, and a village that bears a dark secret. The game offers four different endings and is a mix between slice of life, fantasy and otome game. 2 GxB. The novel is rated 13+.
Status: About 5,000 words, supposed to be about 50,000 – 70,000 words

Haunted House
Working title. A horror visual novel where the protagonist is trapped in a haunted house and has to find his girlfriend. There are several ways to escape from the house. A scary and bloody game. The novel is rated 18+.
Status: Only started, not sure if this project will happen actually

Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare)

I’ve been working on this for a while and I guess it’s time to reveal it. Another Sleepless Night! However, this time you are going to spend the night at a friend’s house where no boys are allowed. Natsumi, Midori, and Shizuka are having a Ladies’ Night at Shizuka’s house and you are invited. You can explore the whole house and collect clues. But don’t get yourself killed! There are dangers lurking everywhere.
Status: That’s a secret 😉

I hope to finish and release at least four games in 2013. Of course, This Is Where I Want To Die in February/March 2013 and Sleepless Night 2 sometime in between. I also want to finish Bloodtype X because I’ve been working on it for a long time and I love the characters and the story, maybe summer 2013? And maybe this Detective Story; I need the art and a cool title, though. I know that I’ve been working on Sakura very much but it’s going to be such a huge game and I doubt that I can finish the writing, art, and voice acting in 2013. By the way, the secret project I’ve written a few posts about is Godfather Death and it’s another huge game I won’t be able to finish soon.

If anyone is interested in helping with one (or more) of the projects in terms of art, voice acting, translations, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact me. Which games are you most excited about? Are they even appealing? What do you think about the titles?