The Silver Fox Main Menu

Legend of the Silver Fox makes progress! Check out this new video (it is basically only the picture of the main menu) and listen to the new track! The main menu will probably change a lot so only the music might be final. And of course my logo and the game’s logo. What do you think?


Also, I thought I could use this post to answer some questions about the game:

Q: How far is the writing and the translation of the game?
A: I’m writing everything in English first. Afterwards, the game will be translated into German. The writing is about 1/5 done.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: The game will be free. Although I might sell a special version with extra in-game stuff, the soundtrack, and other things. Not sure about the price yet.

Q: Is this an otome game?
A: Basically yes. You play Elenor and there are two boys to pursue (Jack, Leon). Besides the romance part, there’s also a lot of mystery in it.

Q: What about other gameplay elements?
A: The game is a pure visual novel. That means there are no point-and-click scenes. The player reads the story and occasionally has to make choices to influence the outcome.

Q: Will the game be voiced?
A: Currently there are no plans to get the game voiced.

Q: Are there many choices?
A: At the moment, I can’t say that for sure. The game is planned to branch at a certain point into two main routes. Each of those routes will be completely different and will lead to one out of two endings. That means there are four main endings, and maybe some “game over” endings.

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