This Is Where I Want To Die

This Is Where I Want To Die

My contribution for this year’s NaNoRenO is finished already! This Is Where I Want To Die is a short kinetic novel, which is about a dying person trying to remember what happened. More information and the game to download on its official site: This Is Where I Want To Die

The game was created in less than a month, but I had the story already in mind. It’s free an can be played in English and German. TIWIWTD contains only one ending and no choices, but has an important message I want to put across. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “This Is Where I Want To Die

  1. Nessy says:

    Hey, I’ve just played that game and I loved it! I figured out that they were two guys, and I want to help. Might do I an Spanish translation? How can I do it? 🙂

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