List of all translations

Here you will find all translation projects from English into German. There are 188 completed translations of adventures, dating sims, visual novels, and other genres; several hundred thousands of words in total.

Completed Translations:

Title Developer Tasks
[text] – A Summer Story sakevisual Localization/QA
36 Fragments of Midnight Petite Games, Ratalaika Games Localization
39 Days to Mars It’s Anecdotal Localization/PR texts/QA
a2 ~a due~ Navigame Localization/QA
Access Denied Stately Snail, Ratalaika Games Localization
Agatha Knife Mango Protocol Localization/PR texts/QA
Almightree: The Last Dreamer Crescent Moon Games Localization
Always The Same Blue Sky… Grant Wilde Localization/PR texts/QA
Ambre Träumendes Mädchen Localization/PR texts/QA
AMI Fastermind Games Localization/QA
Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest Specialbit Studio Localization/PR texts/QA
An Owl and a Crow Kudo Masahiro Localization/QA
Anyo’s Love Antique-Ivy Localization/QA
A Rose By Any Other Name OLFIX Productions Localization/QA
Artic Smash Tailored Ideas Localization
ASA: A Space Adventure Simon Says: Watch! Play! Localization/QA
Ash of Gods: Redemption AurumDust Localization/PR texts/QA
A Sparrow with Her Tongue Cut Kudo Masahiro Localization/QA
Attack of the Mutant Zombie Vampire Frogs Shattered_Moon Localization/PR texts/QA
Back in 1995 Throw the warped code out, Ratalaika Games Localization
Being Beauteous Träumendes Mädchen Localization/PR texts/QA
Bird Game + Bryan Tabor, Ratalaika Games Localization
BLACK schivafrecce Localization/QA
Bouncy Bullets Petite Games, Ratalaika Games Localization
Breathedge RedRuins Softworks Localization/PR texts/QA
Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ roseVeRte Localization/PR texts/QA
Café 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ roseVeRte Localization/PR texts/QA
Caves n’ Chasms Chronicle Games Localization/QA
Clea InvertMouse Localization/PR texts/QA
Crow and a Scarecrow Kudo Masahiro Localization/QA
Daggerhood Woblyware, Ratalaika Games Localization
Days of the Divine Circle Pegasi Localization/QA
Delta Squad Eskema Games, Ratalaika Games Localization /QA
Demetrios Cowcat Localization/PR texts/QA
Detention Red Candle Games Localization
Devious Dungeon Woblyware, Ravenous Games, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Devious Dungeon 2 Woblyware, Ratalaika Games Localization
Doraemon Story of Seasons Marvelous Interactive Partial localization
Double Romance Shwippie Localization/QA
dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ roseVeRte Localization/QA
El Tango de la Muerte Hernán Smicht Localization/PR texts/QA
Epitasis Epitasis Games Localization
Escape From Pleasure Planet Up Multimedia Localization/PR texts/QA
Even the Ocean Sean Han Tani, Joni Kittaka Localization/PR texts/QA
Fear Not kukiko-tan Localization/QA
Finding a Murderer Robinson Localization/PR texts/QA
Flat Kingdom Fat Panda Games Localization/PR texts/QA
Fliplomacy Shobhit Samaria Localization/PR texts/QA
Football Game Cloak and Dagger Games, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Forward to the Sky AnimuGame Localization/QA
Foxyland BUG-Studio, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Foxyland 2 BUG-Studio, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
FullBlast UFO Crash Games, Ratalaika Games Localization
Ganbare! Super Strikers Rese Games, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Garden of Oblivion Träumendes Mädchen Localization/PR texts/QA
Generals & Rulers Hamsters Gaming Localization
Ghost Fall Kudo Masahiro Localization/QA
Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure Stuck In Attic Localization/PR texts/QA
Gravity Duck Woblyware, Ratalaika Games Localization
Gray Dawn Interactive Stone Localization/PR texts/QA
Grinning Heart: The Meeting Monitta Localization/QA
Grinning Heart: The Voyage Monitta Localization/QA
Hammer Mugenjohncel Localization/PR texts/QA
Hard Reset Flying Wild Hog Localization/QA
Hatred Destructive Creations Localization/QA
Heartful Chance~! Studio Sprinkles Localization/QA
Heavy Metal Machines   Hoplon LQA
Hide Or Die VecFour Digital Localization
Hoggy 2 Raptisoft Games, Ratalaika Games Localization
Hooked spaceNote Partial localization
Hostil Eteru Studio Localization/PR texts/QA
How To Fool A Liar King roseVeRte Localization/PR texts/QA
How To Sing To Open Your Heart roseVeRte Localization/PR texts/QA
How To Take Off Your Mask roseVeRte Localization/PR texts/QA
I Am The Hero Feiyu & Moongose, Ratalaika Games Localization
Iron Snout SnoutUp Games, Ratalaika Games Localization
Invisible Apartment Milan Kazarka Localization/QA
Jack N’ Jill D Rohan Narang, Ratalaika Games Localization
John Wick Hex Bithell Games Partial localization
JUJU Flying Wild Hog Localization/QA
Just Ignore Them Stranga Games, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Knightin’+ Muzt Die Studios Localization/QA
League of Evil Woblyware, Ratalaika Games Localization
Legend of the Piper Girl Unbroken Hours Localization/PR texts/QA
Levelhead Butterscotch Shenanigans Localization/PR texts/QA
Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade Lostwood LLC Localization/PR texts
Lonely Wolf Treat NomnomNami Localization/QA
Lost Echo KickBack Studios Localization/QA
Love Esquire Yangyang Mobile Localization/PR texts/QA
Madaline’s Misplaced Miscellany Morgan Hawke Localization/PR texts/QA
Matter Concrete Games Localization/PR texts
MechaNika Mango Protocol Localization/PR texts/QA
Mekabolt Somepx, Ratalaika Games Localization
METAGAL RETRO Revolution, Ratalaika Games Localization
Midnight Deluxe Petite Games, Ratalaika Games Localization
Milo’s Quest lightUP, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Mined Plants Redpaper Gameworks Localization/PR texts/QA
Miranda’s Choice NMG2 Limited Localization/PR texts/QA
Mochi Mochi Boy Pixelteriyaki, Ratalaika Games Localization
Mountain Pigeon Kudo Masahiro Localization/QA
MouseCraft Crunching Koalas Partial localization/QA
My Burning Heart Ertal Games Localization/PR texts/QA
My Magical Cosplay Cafe sakevisual Localization/QA
Nairi: Tower of Shirin HomeBearStudio Partial localization
Nanolife Circle Pegasi Localization/QA
Natural – Beyond Nature – Zeiva Inc Localization/PR texts
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! Alasdair Beckett-King Localization/QA
Night at the Hospital Team Snugglebunny Localization/QA
Neon Junctions 9 Eyes Game Studio, Ratalaika Games Localization
Oknytt Nemoria Entertainment Localization/QA
Omega Strike Woblyware Localization/PR texts/QA
One More Dungeon Stately Snail Localization/PR texts/QA
Parallyzed Double Coconut Localization/QA
Peasant Knight 4AM Games, Ratalaika Games Localization
Phantom Seeds Zeiva Inc Localization/QA
Press X To Not Die All Seeing Eye Games Localization/PR texts/QA
Princess Battles Nekomura Games Localization/QA
Qasir al-Wasat Aduge Studio Localization/QA
RE: Alistair++ sakevisual Localization/PR texts/QA
Red Bow Stranga, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Reed Remastered PXLink, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Red Ogre and Blue Ogre Kudo Masahiro Localization/QA
Reversion 1: The Escape 3f interactive PR texts/QA
Reversion 2: The Meeting 3f interactive Localization/PR texts/QA
Ripples sakevisual Localization/QA
Ristorante Amore Cyanide Tea Localization/QA
Rocket Void Tailored Ideas Localization
Roofbot Double Coconut Localization/QA
Sagebrush Redact Games, Ratalaika Games Localization/PR texts/QA
Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning Entertainment Forge, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Shadow of Loot Box Stately Snail, Ratalaika Games Localization
Shipped Majorariatto Localization/PR texts/QA
Signed X Selavi Localization/QA
Snow Light West Dragon Productions Localization/QA
Sparrow and Woodpecker Kudo Masahiro Localization/QA
Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition Rohan Narang, Ratalaika Games Localization
Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks) Ian & Elie Localization
Starfighter: Eclipse Date Nighto Localization/QA
Star Vikings Forever Rogue Snail Localization/PR texts/QA
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech Image & Form Games LQA
Stone Story RPG Martian Rex Partial localization
Stormhill Mystery: Family Shadows Specialbit Studio Localization/PR texts/QA
Summer Found Me Selavi Localization/QA
Sunset Tale of Tales Localization/QA
Super Destronaut DX Petite Games, Ratalaika Games Localization
Super Weekend Mode Pixelteriyaki, Ratalaika Games Localization
Super Wiloo Demake lightUP, Ratalaika Games Localization
Sweet Escapes Redemption Games Localization/PR texts
Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet NomnomNami, Ratalaika Games Localization/QA
Tales from Windy Meadow Moral Anxiety Studio Localization/PR texts/QA
TerraTech Payload Studios LQA
TETRA’s Escape ABX Games Studio, Ratalaika Games Localization
The Crane Lady Kudo Masahiro Localization/QA
The Cute, Light, and Fluffy Project Several Localization/PR texts/QA
The Diary Yangyang Mobile Localization
The Elevator Cyanide Tea Localization/QA
The Four Alices Mia Blais-Côté Localization/PR texts/QA
The Knife of the Traitor Clua Localization/QA
The Legend of the Skyfish Mgaia Studio, Crescent Moon Games Localization/PR texts/QA
The Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy’s Summer Aeihu Localization/QA
The Mims Beginning Squatting Penguins Team Localization/QA
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 1 Rafael García QA
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 2 Rafael García QA
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 3 Rafael García ocalization/PR texts/QA
The Sparrow’s Gourd Kudo Masahiro Localization/PR texts/QA
The Question ATP Projects Localization/QA
Tiny Empire Mgaia Studio Localization/PR texts/QA
Tokyo Dark Cherrymochi Localization/QA
Topoko Is Future Bright Localization/PR texts/QA
Train of Afterlife Zeiva Inc Localization/PR texts/QA
Trapped Selavi Localization/QA
Treasure Adventure World Robit Games Localization/PR texts/QA
Twin Robots Thinice Games Localization/PR texts/QA
Typical Nightmare ELECTROSTALIN ENTERTAINMENT Localization/PR texts/QA
Unforgiving – A Northern Hymn Angry Demon Studio Localization/PR texts/QA
Verity, Liar, Actor Alte Localization
Void Mine Eteru Studio Localization/PR texts/QA
Voices from the Sea Zeiva Inc Localization/PR texts/QA
Warlock’s Tower Midipixel, Ratalaika Games Localization
We Happy Few Compulsion Games Partial localization
Whispering Willows Akapura Games Localization/QA
Who Is Mike? Fervent Studio Localization
Witch Spell Studio Sprinkles Localization/PR texts/QA
Xenon Valkyrie + Diabolical Mind Localization/QA
Zeroptian Invasion Josyan, Ratalaika Games Localization
Zu Victor Moura (Cronus) Localization/QA


Nachtigal by Cyanide Tea
Pyrite Heart by Winged Cloud
Silence of the Sleep by Jesse Makkonen
Taarradhin by Cyanide Tea
The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook by Winter Wolves
Victorian Olives by Boomsickle
Witch/Knight by Cyanide Orphans