True Meduza

True Meduza

Today I want to present a project from my dear colleague Torsten Sohrmann:

True Meduza is a little fashion label from the beautiful city of Dresden and was founded in 2012. We specialized in T-shirts and accessories and soon you will find even more T-shirt designs here. Have a look around!

In Greek mythology Medusa is a dreadful monster and often associated with a hideous face of a human woman. The living, venomous snakes on her head are so gruesome that a mere look at her face turns you into stone. True Meduza is a fashion label, which identifies with the extraordinary. It is a reinterpretation of Medusa, which lives up to her old Terror, but at the same time combining it with the Beautiful and the Sublime. Poison spitting yet delicious. Mythological yet new. Dare to take a look at the true face of Meduza!”

There are already some T-shirts, beanies, and bags in the official shop. You will also get an 15% inaugural discount until June, 5. Do not hesitate to stop by.



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