Oculto – German Translation

Oculto (formerly Void Mine) by Eteru Studio (developer of Hostil) is a narrative sci-fi adventure full of dangers and secrets. Discover what happened to the crew of a space station and unravel the mystery of the Ironclaw. Now available – of course also in German!


“Attn: JON GAUSS, space derelict investigator authorized by EXO-MINING CENTRAL AGENCY.

You have been assigned the mission of reporting the status of mining station IRONCLAW docked on asteroid UMBRA-133. All communication attempts have been unsuccessful. You are the closest investigator to the scene of the incident.

Keep in mind that you will be exploring the station in absolute absence of GRAVITY. In addition, it is probable that you will encounter a number of UNKNOWN HAZARDS that will challenge your determination. Remember you WON’T have access to WEAPONS, so be prepared to FLEE if necessary. It is important that you manage to HACK the electronic devices you find to determine what has happened to the crew. In addition, you may need to extract the security PASSWORDS for each level.

We look forward to your report. Good luck, detective. Signed: EXO-MINING CENTRAL AGENCY.”



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